By seizetheday

Soaring above

The Philadelphus flowers overhanging our garden looking fabulous against the bright blue Solstice sky. And soaring above - if you look very carefully - is a plane taking off from Leeds Bradford airport.

Had to wait in for a delivery from Amazon today. Not pleased to arrive home yesterday to discover that two of the parcels due today had already been delivered. They hadn't been 'handed to resident' as reported by the delivery person, but had been left on the front doorstep. Today's arrival was no better - the delivery person knocked on the door and disappeared before waiting to find out if anyone was in! I had ordered enough brushed chrome curtain rings to match all the curtain rails already installed in our new abode. The package contained bright shiny silver rings! They're already packed up ready to send back tomorrow.

A good evening at the jazz club in Huddersfield with MrM. Apparently he used to listen to some of the same musicians there was back in the '90s! We'll be going back next week too - I won a 'pie and pint for two' in the raffle!

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