Living my dream

By Mima


R&R still...

It feels as though the volume has been turned down on my life, both figuratively and literally. I’m doing things much more deliberately and I’m doing things much more quietly.
While I can do things without being stressed, I’m choosing not to do very much. Much of the time I’m deciding only to read or to listen to music.
Normally when I'm doing things in the kitchen – like this morning when I carefully cut up veggies for a chilli casserole - I listen to a podcast and I enjoy being stimulated, but I’m not interested at the moment and all I want to do is to listen to classical music. Concert Radio has been playing all day.
There is a lot of reading. The written word is working. The spoken word is not. I’m not even interested in having conversations with friends.
It’s not a brain-fog: my brain feels is perfectly clear, but it is completely relaxed. There is a freedom in not doing anything, and not thinking about anything. I'm relishing it.
It is fascinating to witness my body’s recovery from the virus. I’m enjoying the ride. For now at least.  

Nurse Bean is keeping me under close obs.

#3 brother's system has started to fight off the infection/s and it looks as though he might pull through. Maybe it isn't his time yet. Hopefully his stay in hospital will be brief, and he can get back to the lovely nursing home he had just moved to, where the staff are waiting to welcome him back. 

Thank you for all the kind comments, the stars and hearts over the last few days. I'm not even trying to keep up with your Blips - what an admission! Of course I'll be back in due course... Bear with me.

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