Living my dream

By Mima

Watery sun

It's another day of r&r Chez Mima. 

It began with a video call with #1 and #2 brother, who visited #3 brother in hospital yesterday. They had 15 minutes or so together, before #3 fell asleep and the other two left quietly. 

He seems to have rallied a bit, and they were able to make out some of the things he talked about, mostly related to being a high-diver. He was never a high-diver. However he was content and in no distress and the fantasy seemed to please him.

The significance of the gathering has clearly left an impression on the other two. I'm so pleased that it happened.

We spoke of childhood haunts which the two older boys visited yesterday, and discussed places they'll go to today, after they've popped into the hospital again. 

Despite the 18,000km of physical distance I was in the room with them. Video calls are magical. It's left me with a feeling of comfort and peace all day.

The sun has almost broken through the clouds a couple of times, including on our gentle amble to Paradise Gully Road. It's not cold outside thankfully and there is even a chance that some washing will dry on the line.

I'm reading an Isabel Allende novel: she never fails to draw me into her beautifully written tales. The fire is alight and Bean is sprawled in front of it.

And so my recuperation continues... and to my surprise I'm rather enjoying it.

My apologies: I've not looked at Blip journals for a couple of days. I'll catch up when the brain fog thins a bit more...

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