An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Golden Gorgeousness...

Look at that face :-))

She refuses to look at me when I have my camera or my phone in my hand!  lol  Her birthday pressie included some healthy treats that are really crunchy.  She looked a bit surprised when she had the first one, it was so funny.  They're quite small so she was allowed three.  This is her sad (pleading) face when I told her she couldn't have any more :-))

Not much to report.

D left the Empire Biscuits at Gleneagles reception for Drew and Audrey.  He's been hankering after them for A Long Time.  They've been out all day but I got a text a short while ago to say what a lovely surprise and they are being enjoyed :-)

Spent the afternoon painting the slate for Alan and Gail.  Enjoying working with acrylics again.  Indiana Jones will have to wait til next week.  Realised I had too much on this week.

And in a blink it is bed time again!  Night night!  

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