Last Rays

It's felt like quite a frustrating day today. Almost like I haven't really got into it; and now it's almost over.

Mass in the morning, then home for lunch.

An hour and a half of sorting out - I've got rid of two chests of drawers - the stuff is now everywhere ... hmmm...

I'm getting rid of a whole lot of stuff, but has anyone got any clever ideas for storage in a small house?

A dog walk with Cousteau in the fading light.

Then a quick photo of this freesia, bathed in the last rays of sunlight, before putting dinner on.

Put the fan on the oven, but forgot the bake bit. Half an hour later, wondering why there were no delicious smells emitting from the oven, I realised my mistake. You need heat to cook.

I can smell it now, thank goodness.

This flower is from a bouquet that was sent to me yesterday. I am wondering how one says 'thank you for the lovely flowers' without giving the flower-giver the idea that his advances are welcomed ...?

Thank goodness tomorrow is a public holiday. I get to try Sunday again. Sort of.


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