Heavens opened up

I woke up early to huge rain storm.  You can see it dripping down the grooves of the tin roof.  How long has it been since I heard rain on a tin roof, so cool!  

Then at 6 a.m. cherry bombs were being set off on our street.  I thought it must be a holiday but no, a neighbor is having a birthday party.  It's now 6:30 p.m. and the live music is festive and loud!  They are good but it may be a very long night.  I wonder how old she is.  I just keep thinking how the musicians and dancers must be sweating,  right now humidity is 76%.  

Extras: the first one, I loved the sea horses.  The 2nd one made me smile because of the color and the Christmas decorations still up.  I just love Mexico!!

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