By Diarised


We passed a scary figure as we headed to the riverside parkrun start.  Ian was happy with another personal best and I was happy to work out a parallel route I could use to plod out a few steps in the shade and then loop back and await Ian at the finish line.  He treated himself to a focaccia bacon and egg bap at the end.

A new run is starting up soon with tempting food and drink for volunteers. We may give that one a try once it is up and running https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid026vyV5Ejf6k9DGKwzw6t9GoMkttBtT1K6hXSHcQRANZG7CTBq9Zfp4ZUa3YsfLvCbl&id=100076192638049

Leo made his debut in the men’s league. He came on in the second half for the Cully Reserves and they won 3-2 so he was very happy with that.  His mate from their youth team played too and scored one of the goals.  That makes up for all the extra admin the Reserves coaches had to do as Leo and his mate are only 15.  They had to do all the DBS and other checks that come with youth footballers -  normally the Reserves are all older so they don’t usually have to worry about all that.

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