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Hellebore for Flower Friday

Good to see the hellebores flowering happily. 

We have been thinking about a new lounge for some years and today decided to go and have a look at what was on offer. Most comfy lounges are too big for our space so we were both keen to try the Nordic style which is a bit more minimalistic. Our main feature was comfort.

I decided that we wouldn’t buy anything today but get a feel for what we liked. First shop we saw this blue lounge…just what we had both envisaged ( but not in blue). It was twice the price we wanted to pay but on half price. We went and sat in about 100 other lounges and finally returned to the first place and took this one which was floor stock. There are two chairs, 2 foot stools and a 2.5 seater lounge. It all fitted in the back of the car (2 loads). On looking at the photo it seems there is a mark on the leather, must be from me trying to get an accurate colour - it’s not the lounge. The colour is a bit darker than this. 

First for me, last night I watched our Women’s Soccer team, the Matildas, play in the first round of the  Women’s Football World Cup. I didn’t know the rules but soon caught on. I was surprised the halves were so long. I’m not used to sitting watching sport and thought I might have to abandon it and go to bed. 

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