madwill's world

By madwill


Hurrah - the rain stopped and a strange yellow disc glowed in the sky - between the clouds at least!!

I stopped to photograph some burdock - checking for Six Spotted Burnet moths which I have seen there before - none today though.

Anyway, when I got home I found a piece stuck to my jacket…. so I set it up for a focus stack blip!! I used the remote Canon app on my iPad  to nudge the focus forward and take the shots so that I didn’t move the camera. A 19 shot stack…

The little hooks on the pods that enable it to stick to fur were (apparently) the inspiration for Velcro.. you can see why!!

I have added an extra which can only be described as an “Oops” or “Oh Sh*t” moment…

This is on a narrow track with a deep drainage ditch alongside…someone misjudged the corners of their car. The damage to the vegetation, and the fact that the tow eye is in the rear, suggests that someone has attempted to pull it out. Gonna need a big lorry to lift it out!! There will be some repair bill!

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