The Way I See Things



The rain stopped early this morning, because of course it did, on the day that most of our family group was going to be spending travelling back home. Sigh. But at least the Boy Wonder got to do some swinging and bubble play in the garden, as well as showing his Daddy the turkey who lives on the other side of the stream and a few other inchresting things.

The Welsh contingent left at noon, but happily H and S were able to stay longer, so the four of us ate the remaining contents of the fridge and sat chatting until late afternoon. After they'd left and R and I had tidied the house, I realised that the garden was now bathed in sunshine and baking hot, so I took the camera and went to see who was out and about.This Common Darter was one of three dragons in the top garden, the other two being immature Southern Hawkers, but gets top billing because she was the most cooperative in posing for a portrait.

The best Boyism of the weekend happened this morning, when we were all in the kitchen having breakfast. Above the hum of conversation a little voice said, "I'm just going to have a quick shower. Bye!" - and off he went, disappearing bathroomwards at a brisk trot, hotly pursued by mother and grandmother. It's fascinating, if a little alarming, that we've reached the stage of him wanting to replicate everything the grown-ups do and say.

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