Now we have everything

By Gembop

Brent Cross

Katrina baby sat Charlie for me this morning as I had a dentist appointment. My dentists is only a short walk away and I was there and back in 45 minutes. Charlie was asleep when I left and had literally just woken up as I got back, so didn't even know I was gone.

After a quick cuppa,we headed into Brent Cross with Katrina and Stanley today. I snapped this picture of Charlie lying across my lap just before he fed.

Charlie's really grizzly with his teeth at the moment, so I picked up some overpriced teethers from Mothercare. They look like dummies but have a rubber bits that are designed to soothe the particular part of the gum that's being affected. Apparently it's the bottom or top front teeth that are due to break through first. I hope it's soon for his sake! He's not screaming but just looks unhappy, bless him :(

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