Living my dream

By Mima


There’s a theme of graves in my Blips at the moment. It must be my subconscious telling me I’m thinking about death.

I was in K’s garden this morning, transplanting lily bulbs and clearing leaves and weeds from the graves of their various pets. This is Mac’s grave, which is next to Millie’s. Monty, Milo and Spooky are buried elsewhere in the garden.

A couple of years ago I planted primulas on all of the graves. They haven’t flourished quite as much as I’d hoped, but the flowers have appeared in the last 10 days and look incredibly bright in the winter garden. K loves them.

Brother #3 remains desperately ill. He’s had a couple of slightly better days, and three or four worse ones. He’s not able to eat or drink anything like enough to sustain him, and while a fluid drip is keeping him hydrated it can’t provide nutrition. So it is just a matter of time. 

I’m keeping busy to distract myself from too much sadness. Plenty of gardening today: shifting compost, weeding, mulching.

I discovered this afternoon that the roots of a cherry tree have invaded the compost bin area…and are presumably sucking all the goodness out of the compost. So it’s coming down tomorrow. It has never provided me with any fruit thanks to the blackbirds, and to the fact that it’s too high to net easily. So it’s only the blossom I’ll miss. And my compost should be much improved.

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