My day

By 59

Spoons and other things

Berkeley Blipper recently did some tidying and I was inspired to clean up our kitchen. It isn’t hard work to do but hard to get motivated. I’m a list writer so decided to write a list at breakfast of some pending jobs. 
……Clean up 8 drawers in the kitchen, weed the back garden from the round bed to the corner, clean wash basins in bathroom and laundry and check the hanging baskets to see if anything is still alive and plan what to put in them. 

Half way through the second drawer Bob said he was going for a bike ride. I guess the ride sounded more fun than the cleaning so I downed tools and went with him.

I can now report I have done them all and practiced some low light photography with the camera and iPhone. It’s really annoying when the phone is equal to the expensive camera in results. 

After a foggy start we had a brilliant day. 

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