By Viewpoint

Inspired by GG

Not new but from my archive.

I've been thinking about doing more hands-on art for a while, but haven't really got on with it.  I guess because I was trying to make a start on sorting out the house - books in particular but also the garden.  Then losing my brother has added a whole new dimension.  Admin stuff but also the emotional dimension that losing someone brings - the way it triggers other memories of loss.  I'm still hooked into Kathleen Jamie's writing for my escape/ holiday (currently the writing she has edited -Antlers of Water) but also I've felt motivated by the ideas that GG has been working on recently.  Enough to start a trawl through some of the places I've stored bits of artwork - this experimental mark making piece was tucked in a sketchbook.  It got me thinking about drawing, mark-making and abstract image making.  My photography has become more abstract (not always) more concerned with pattern and shape and colour (or lack of it).  It could be time for me to pick up a paint brush again - or a bit of card or a cut up plastic card to do more hands on stuff again - I just need to clear the decks a bit and clear my head some more.  I think photography still allows me to do this without the mess. It's all in the mind.  

A bit of a ramble and an attempt to sort out my thoughts - it's sunny this morning -  blue sky! after all that rain, and I've just watched a Gatekeeper butterfly on the small clematis flowers outside my bedroom window. .

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