By hpx

What can I do to help?

Hamish is my cousin and don't worry, that's a leaf blower pointed at me, not a flame thrower!

I could have gone with a street shot today but instead Hamish is my salute to all those who've encouraged me and made my life easier recently. That includes you guys who read my journal and comment.

Hamish offered to come and clean my courtyard. I suggested he look at me as I blipped him or I'd post the back view featuring jockey elastic ;-)

Thanks Hamish. I appreciate your efforts and it was good to talk with you over a cuppa.

I've felt frustrated over the last few days. Today I've had many reminders of love, care and concern for me. So many people ask and offer to do things to help me. It's very humbling and today it's helped remind me that I have come a distance and despite the ups and downs, I will get there.

Time is getting on so I won't attempt to explain my Photoshop 'recipe' for many of my street shots tonight.

Dinner and a glass of very nice NZ red is calling me.

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