My day

By 59

Road works

…coming? There are 7 or 8 weird looking machines at the end of the street, I wonder what they are planning. 

Busy morning here, we had to get the kids up and breakfasted, driven home out of town so they could put on their uniforms, lunches made (hard in someone else’s house) and a visit to the orthodontist all before 9am. I’m not used to doing anything in the morning. 

Soon after that the parents made an entrance and then we went shopping.  We were all a bit sleepy as we stayed up to watch the Matildas play the Danish team. The Danes were great in the first half but we won. Very exciting game. Lucky Annie Belle was there to enjoy it. 

Of note…I played the piano for an hour. I sort of forget as the piano is in a part of the house we don’t use much. I’m not very good at playing but enjoy it none the less. 

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