The second half of life..

By twigs


I never thought I'd say something like I'm about to say but...........this morning's frost was absolutely wonderful!  It's felt like a very long time since we've had what I think of as a 'typical Nelson winter's day' but today, we got it and it felt goooooooood!!  The 'typical' days I'm referring to have been abundant for the majority of the time I've lived here (thirty cough years) - but the last few years or so things have changed (as I know they have most places).  We used to get plenty of really good frosts so it was very cold in the morning until the sun was high enough to warm things up a bit, then came the beautiful blue-sky days that were calm and almost warm until the sun dipped too low in the sky to offer any warmth making it feel like someone flicked the heater switch off just before sunset.  Today's frost was only about -3 or -4 but the rest of the day was a stunner.  Yes - the fire was lit and roaring early but I also spent a good amount of time outside tending to a few garden/section things.  

This shot is as the sun has all but disappeared and the birds are finding their roosts for what could well be another good frost tonight.  Bring it on!

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