By Majoayee

I solemnly swear I’m up to no good

Our two jet lagged girls reacted very differently. Eldest was up half the night. She obviously tried reading as I found a heap of books by her bed but seemed to spend most of the night in our bed!  Ro looked after her most of the time but come 6:00 I gave up and took her downstairs for breakfast!  Wide awake and hungry she had a good breakfast so did I!

Mum collected her at7:30.  The house was silent!  At 10 something I went up and woke youngest who had done a 12 hour sleep. She would have slept on for ages had I not!

I made the usual large saucepan of soup for my friends as it was the ladies lunch. We had a great afternoon now I’m hoping we may go for a short walk. It’s a beautiful day!

The top youngest was wearing seemed perfect for her - with her mischievous grin!  The phrases are from Harry Potter and are used to open and close the Marauder’s map!

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