Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I was all ready to blip the gorgeous piece of luggage I bought yesterday - sussed out how I was going to photograph it and everything; then after being home all day - decided to go out for a drive.

First stop was the Pharmacy downstairs. They'd had a promotion and today was the last day to redeem vouchers worth over £50, SO I got myself some Gentle Iron to sort out haemoglobin prob as well as some other useful(?) supplements (Vitamin D & B Complex before you start wondering).

I think we're going to experience some actual weather in the way of bad sandstorms over the weekend. The sun hasn't been out much today and as we headed out towards the desert, (G is bored with the beach and Creek), the dullness and slightly cooler temp of the day was noted.

Drove on a new road for us - the E77. It links the roads to Al Ain and Hatta and has some very nice light yellow sand dunes and lots of pylons! As we approached the City again, we saw this spectacular sunset going on, so I quickly pulled over. Unfortunately, I didn't have the best camera to capture the scene but here you are... today's sunset in some of it's glory! Please don't miss the flamingos all walking in single file.

I must have stopped a good 20 minutes taking loads of shots, but it is really on the last bit of the drive home that the sky really came alive. Honestly, it must have had every single colour you can imagine in it - reddish orange on the right and bluish purple on the left with the city lights just coming on. I was driving. G tried. I hope it won't be too long before we get to see a spectacular sight like that again.

Long weekend for us as it is a religious holiday... the new case may get blipped tomorrow. Unless we have another sunset like today.

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