homeward bound

8:30am and in Pizarra for the last time on this trip.

About to pick up some bread for our packed lunch on the way home. No Jet2 cardboard for us...

Thinking about being home soon as we head back to Scotland. And that's okay.

I have had such a great time with my beautiful family, and definitely appreciated a period of rest from many parts of life.

I've also enjoyed getting back into a regular pattern of running - three times each week is a nice balance.

Like running, I want to keep up the discipline of rest when we get back. Avoiding just entering back into life as it was two weeks ago and working 60 hours a week. But rest isn't sloth. It's not the absence of doing. But it is about being alive.

Rest is so vital, essential to keeping us alive but we I often neglect it for the joy of progress, or duty, or ten other laudable things.

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