By PicturePoems

Raindrops on sweet-peas

... and whisky in kittens! (Have I got those lyrics right?)

 It rained for a short time this afternoon, just enough that I could enjoy raindrops enhancing sweet-pea petals in the garden (and cut some more flowers for my small vase). Otherwise my garden-time revolved around apples. They are turning red and growing bigger, but most of them are being eaten while still on the tree. One apple I removed held three insects all in the same hole - and not the wasps I'd expected, but harmless little hoverflies. (Not that wasps are harmful, but they are inclined to sting the hand that picks them!) No stings from hoverflies. 

A lot of apples were rescuable, so my sortie was followed by much peeling and slicing and stewing and preparing to freeze. Added some freshly picked raspberries to one lot. Another I've already tasted, covered in crumble and with added custard. Didn't do any work on hedges, although there is still plenty to do. I thought I should pace myself, and also we already have at least one carful of debris to go to the tip. (Our car is quite small.)

I've returned to my knitting that has been neglected lately. I've sewn together the main pieces of the young master's cardie, and am still working on the endless button-band. Planning to make it button boy's way, even if it comes as a surprise to some people that there is a boy's and a girl's way. Not that it matters hugely. Just my whim! Evidence that this one is not a hand-me-down from Big Sister! ;-)

This week's gone really quickly. It'll be nice to have Mr PP home again tomorrow - and still with some moist carrot cake to taste, not to mention the crumble. Oh, and a dysfunctional washing machine to look at. Poor chap! I'll make him a cuppa first. Might even let him have a night's sleep beforehand! 

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