Life through the lens...

By ValC

Local walk

A fine morning and so decided to recce part of a walk we are doing with the Pudseys in October. It was the only part of the walk we haven’t done before.
All went well until we got to the part we hadn’t done before. After having to bend double to get under a oak tree that was bending over the path, then getting pricked by holly bushes which need cutting back, we crossed a stream and then found we had to scramble up a bank, almost on hands and knees, to reach the stile into a field. The other side was very muddy, which was surprising as everywhere else seemed very dry. As we all wear hiking boots shouldn’t be a problem.
We will do the full walk at the end of September, and take some secateurs to cut back the holly.
We were glad the cows were in the next field as they didn’t look too friendly! ( see collage)

The Yorkshire Wartime Experience is being held this weekend and when we reached the top of the hill we could see the tents and vehicles in the distance. ( bottom photo)
Back home during the afternoon we could hear the machine guns and some very loud bangs as they enacted a WW11 battle.
Unfortunately we missed the Lancaster Bomber as it flew over. We heard it but it was gone before we dashed outside.

At the moment we are watching Simon Reeve’s journey around the. Mediterranean.
Today he has been visiting Almeria and the 100 square miles of plastic “ greenhouses “.
Where the conditions are atrocious and the African workers treated worse than slaves.
Anyone who buys fruit and veg. grown in Spain should watch it.
We have driven along the road he was on and unfortunately have seen those greenhouses at first hand. I avoid Spanish produce wherever possible.

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