Blipbear and Kiwi (Almost) Occupy

A very full day.

Breakfast and ice cream with LocalFoodLover and Pilipo this morning. Salt and Straw has a special this month: six different kinds of ice cream made with beer. Phil got a flight of four of them.

Mid-day, I took Kismet back to her old home, and I would swear she smiled. She went immediately into her old bed in her old room with her old feline roommate, and I could literally feel her relax. Something that was painful for her had come to an end. I came home afterward to a house that was not wired with anxious energy. It was a good decision for both of us.

Then this evening I took Blipbear and Kiwi down to Chapman Square, across from Portland City Hall,  for what we hoped would be a rally in solidarity with Turkey and Occupy Wall Street. Only about fifty people showed up--many old stalwarts, including Sarah, of Veterans for Peace, seen here with Kiwi; and Anonymous, cradling Blipbear. The poor turnout was a disappointment, but it was a pleasurable reunion for many of us who were glad to see each other again on a beautiful summery afternoon. Blipbear will soon pass into the hands of another Blipper bound eastward from here across this enormous continent. It was wonderful to read the diary in Blipbear's little backpack and to be part of this, erm, movement.

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