By JennyOwen

Preparation is all...

Ruth dropped Eben off soon after 9; Jack, Marianna, Frieda and Simone joined us just after 10.
Knowing I'd need to pace myself, I'd got a few standby items out: some modelling clay, some little card models to assemble. Richard and I stockpile things like this when we come across them.  Fortunately the little model kits grabbed Frieda's and Eben's attention; she made a little circus, complete with animals and other figures to colour in, he tackled a very complicated RNLI lifeboat station.  Simone settled down for a long breastfeeding session, and Jack and I helped out with the model-making when there were moments of frustration. When that all ran out of steam eventually, Frieda asked to get the big wooden marble run kit out. That kept us all going till lunchtime.  Everyone was hungry by 11.45, ready for chicken soup and bread. Meanwhile, Simone surfaced from her post-feed snooze and we all took turns entertaining her and being rewarded with her irresistible smiles.
Frieda and Eben don't often get time to play together, so this worked out really well. As well as being nice for them both, it kept the day manageable for me. Jack et al went home after lunch.  Eben and I will finish the afternoon off with a taxi trip to his regular Wednesday swimming lesson.
It's great to be getting back into a sociable routine, bit by bit.

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