By suehutton

If in doubt, there's Basil

Sorry Baz, you were the only subject available to me today.

After yesterday's excitement at the Sculpture Trail, today has been quiet. I can't even remember all that I did except there was some Travel Group admin and Basil and I had an outing with Cecily.

We went down Coach Road. Cecily had to negotiate a 'lip' at the start which naughtily hid a hole. Cecily fell into it and screamed at me, then refused to go any further. A gent coming up the road with his two Shih-Poos stopped to chat and I explained what had happened. I'd pushed in the drive key and it wasn't that.

Finally had the bright idea of resetting Cecily and restarting her. It worked.

I haven't been down Coach Road since some time last year. It looks tired and neglected. I don't think I shall try it again.

Back home, Basil settled on his cushion making him a prime subject for a blip.

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