simple moments

By simplemoments

13 years…

…or 4,745 days

of uninterrupted blipping

whew - i’ve entered the teens

i always say how - surprised i am to - have made it past - my first 10 - and then 100 blips - when i began then after the first year - things just flowed - picking up my camera - became an extension of myself - as well as my day

most of you know - i began as the result - of a significant auto accident - which left me with debilitating - injuries and their impact - has followed me through - these years yet somehow picking up - my camera again helped to - nurture my spirit bringing - me closer to my heavenly abba - and healing my soul - as i moved about his wonderful creation just as he says

‘the lord is good, a stronghold in a day of distress; he cares for those who take refuge in him.’ nahum 1:7 (csb)

additionally finding this community - was like finding an extended - family which was a total gift - not something i ever expected - to experience on a social media - platform or to develop - friendships around the world - but we have all agreed to adhere - to the same ethos of - being positive as well as - being excellent with each other - not a traditional concept you find - but it’s what makes us - stand out and stand apart - these individuals have - become encouragers and supporters - they have my back - in good times and bad - which is why i’ve - been able to continue on - for 13 years - they help to make - it easy as do those fabulous - persons behind the scenes - keeping things running smoothly - so i can post seamlessly

although these last months - have been fraught with - a lot of health issues - tests which aren’t answering my symptoms - and it’s becoming difficult - to continue to pick up my camera - i don’t have any intentions - of discontinuing at this point - it’s too important to me -brings joy to my heart - and in light of that - it will always lead to…


happy day…..

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