By maureen6002

Butterfly Blipmeet

I’m off out for the first time this week - and what better excursion than a blipmeet.  Diane2104 has invited fellow Blippers to The Butterfly House in Widnes, and though I’m unsure whether I’ll be able to make it, I’m delighted to join Villan and Kwchas as Diane introduces us to these tropical beauties.  

Of course, I take far too many shots, and it’s hard to choose even a selection. You know me well enough - it has to be a set! The main’s the gorgeous orange flash of Julia perching delicately - another one in extras showing the vibrancy of her outstretched wings. Then there are others - the colourful Leopard Lacewing, beautifully marked Owl, a battered-but-still-beautiful Malachite, and two I’ve failed to identify - though I think one might be a Forest Mother of Pearl. I’m sure Diane will be able to provide the correct information! 

It’s been a wonderful hour of photography and chat, but then it’s home again to collapse and read. Thanks so much to Diane for organising such a treat - and to G for chauffeuring as always! 

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