By RexComu1

Packing them in

If you can read the sign above the door it will tell you that this is Princes Street Backpackers and this guy is obviously having to sneak in as he doesn't have a backpack.

The name doesn't really tell the true story as it isn't in Princes Street, it's in West Register Street, a small lane behind Princes Street. Close enough though and a lot cheaper than the Balmoral Hotel which is less than a hundred yards away. An interesting point also is the sign on the left which shows that, not only is it open 24 hours, they also have a floor - which I presume is included in the price.

I had a look at their promotional video, taken a few years ago by the looks of it, and it reminded me of my student days last century in Dundee, although we didn't have the luxury of a shower...

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