Light entertainment

By annejohn


A much better day after the rain went off in the morning; light breeze, short sleeves and a jacket weather, warm in the sun. Talked with the postman .. he knows everybody round about as well as having known my parents as fellow golf club members. 

Walked in what used to be the wood at Forglen Estate, and is now mostly clear cut; commercial forestry which was badly damaged in the last two big wind storms. Big open views newly visible after 50+ years of walking the same path. Found the tractor in a field corner, recently used by the smell. The red levers are the top end of the winch gear used with chains for pulling logs. 

In extras, butterflies. There were several Red Admirals sitting in the morning sun on the SE facing windowsill and wall; the Speckled Wood was sitting on a sheltered beech hedge.

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