Denis Sullivan

I had to work a later shift than normal today, so was on my way home about 6:30 p.m. with nothing blipped yet. Turned the corner onto Lake Drive & saw that there were tons of sailboats out on the lake, & then off in the distance I saw the Denis Sullivan! I blipped this schooner once before, but it was docked in front of the Discovery Museum, so of course the sails were down. Although I was pretty far away, I used the long lens--It's so neat to see the sails & the masts!! The Denis Sullivan is the world's only re-creation of a 19th century 3 masted Great Lakes Schooner! It was completed here in Milwaukee in 2000 by professional shipwrights & almost 1000 volunteers. Although it has 3 masts, it also has many modern conveniences--2 diesel engines, a scientific laboratory, 2 computer work stations & navigation equipment. The Denis Sullivan provides marine education, leadership training & personal development to people of all ages.

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