By Chops13

Viking House

Point Roberts is part of the traditional territory of the Lummi and Tsawwassen Indigenous Peoples.

The first permanent settlers were a small colony of Icelandic families. Some of their descendants still live here. They farmed and fished for food and logged the forest for lumber and protective shakes. With no guarded border at the time, they were able to sell their surpluses in the nearest Canadian community, and in turn, buy needed supplies.

As access to the area was eased, Canadians were attracted by the climate and the beaches. The settlers were able to capitalize by subdividing their farms into small lots for Canadian summer cottages. ( our cottage is such a place.) They then provided, and some continue to provide, skilled labour for building and maintenance of their properties. (American law prevents Canadian tradesmen, other than the property owner, from working in the USA.)

This house is a landmark in the very center of Point Roberts. Everyone knows the ‘purple house’. It is the permanent home of the descendants of one of the original Icelandic families. The extra is another, on the waterfront. It is currently for sale and will almost certainly will be torn down and replaced by something larger and more modern.

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