One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Lonely buoy

Jeez, what a week. 
There was no time for Friday banter. I sweated on a contract for most of the day, while tending to all the piranhas demanding morsels of my precious time. 
I am getting blunter every day ("Is your query about something worth €150k or above? No? Then shag off") 
It's not easy everyday to try and stop the haemorrhage of taxpayer's money. 
I also did not have time to have my one-to-one with my new boss. Which is a pity because we won't see him again. All in all, I must have exchanged four sentences with him. I'll remember him fondly as a no hassle boss. 
Now, I'm going to sleep for Ireland. And France. 

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