By MsQuizzical

Ivy Visitors 4

Top of the ivy league today, the central image, is the beautiful web that the diadem spider has spun overnight. Last evening her web was tatty and strewn with wrapped insects. I noticed a tortoise shieldbug caught in it and intended to shoot that this morning. All the dross is gone and this pristine trap set for the day.

One of my favourite images today is of the Nigma puella spider and its shadow. It is very small and has a red diamond on its abdomen. I think the black and yellow insect could be a digger wasp. It's on a morning glory leaf which is twining up the ivy. I've also included a honey and a common carder bee, together with a spider that I haven't identified, a black ant and a tiny snail. I think the fruit fly could be Tephritis formosa.  

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