Marking Time

By Libra

Bridge over the Atlantic

We have to thank Texan visitors to Scotland for taking a photo of us on the Atlantic Bridge today after they saw us struggling to take. selfie ( see extra).

The Atlantic Bridge crosses to Siel Island where Princess Di's mother used to live . She died in 2004 and was still living there.

I am going through an involuntary detox hence back blipping- poor internet connection and lack of iPhone charger .  Its a bit of a wake up call to see how much we depend on our gadgets.

After yesterdays heat todays rain is a welcome relief, especially as the hotel we are staying in doesn't have windows that open, no fan  and no air conditioning. ( Whatever do you want with air conditioning in Scotland you might well ask, but I fear the days is coming when it may not be that unusual.) It was so hot inside that we were forced to go to and stay out until the place cools down. Apart from that the bedroom has a brilliant Seaview, which attracts us to it in the first place.

We visited Arduaine gardens ,(see extra) set on a spectacular location some 18 miles south of Oban.  Getting there is far more circuitous than I remembered and not somewhere tourists flock to  because of its isolation , and roads with so many bends that anything above 40mph is fast. The views though are amazing, a reminder why the Scottish romantic artists loved painting the Highlands of Scotland .

Tonight we dined at the fresh fish restaurant on the pier and it goes without saying the food was delicious and nothing like the fancy prices we have around Bridge of Allan.

The couple at the next table with whom we struck up conversation , as you do in the part of the world, were from London and Somerset and are now thinking of moving to Scotland having endured the heatwaves in southern England .  
I do wonder how long it will be though before we too endure similar hot weather.

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