... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosle Stepping

Better in large ("L")

I was going to blip a close-up today as the goslings are so tiny and adorable, but this scene was too comical not to blip... The Goosles look so cross-eyed! I'll probably take a close-up tomorrow, and have put one on my blipfolio (here) pro tem. One of the gosslings had just fallen over in that picture, so was sort of steadying itself on its tail! (Warning: Extremely Adorable)
One of them still has its "egg tooth" on the tip of its beak: the egg tooth is a hardened, horny patch on the tip of the beak that chicks use to crack their eggs. This process is known as pipping, and chicks have a "pipping muscle" on the back of their necks which gives them the strength to break out of their tough shells.

My blip photo shows how protective the parents are: they pretty much always bracket the goslings between the two of them, and are always alert. The mother here was honking and marching the goslings back towards me (the water was in front and to the left of me) because there were people standing at the fence to the right...

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