... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosle Goslings: "Whatcha doin'?"

"Nothin'; just preening..." *Falls over*

Approaching life-size in large ("L")

I could have put up two dozen photographs today... They're SO adorable. That it Mrs's tail behind them.
I've rearranged my blipfolio a little (last year's goslings are now in a single album), and have put up a couple of alternatives ("I see you!" and "Hiding behind grass").

I had a wonderful time at Eagle Pond, and also visited Mrs. Mallard and her brood on Long Pond to check on them: the mallardlings are growing so fast, and she still has 10 ducklings! They're much more adventurous and boisterous now, and zoom around at quite a distance from their mother, although the still tend to stay in little groups which is slightly reassuring. Here is one scuttling across the water's surface: they look like little motorboats...

I've a slight camera niggle (let's call it a "teething problem"): my sensor appears to have droplets on its surface, which is a known issue with some D800s. The shutter sometimes sheds oil for the first few thousand pictures. Fortunately they're tiny, so are only really visible when images are cropped or viewed at 100% (so definitely doesn't impact my blip photos...). That is good because I feel that I can address it at my leisure; I've registered the problem with Nikon, and will take my camera to my local service centre (v. convenient) when I feel that I can be without it for 4 days (not quite so convenient). I certainly won't be handing it in while these goslings are still tiny...

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