Golden Poppy

Lazy day today. After and excessively late start pottered about doing minor things like loading the washing machine and fixing something to the wall. I probably spent several hours on the web looking at bikes, I need a new hybrid for work/holidays and it's such a pain narrowing the list down to a sensible list to actually try. Invariably the most ugly bike will turn out to be the best to ride and the cool one will be horrible!

I took my camera out for a spin in the garden, it was nice and sunny but very breezy which does make the flowers on long stalks bounce about too much for a decent picture. Today's blip is a californian poppy (Eschscholzia californica) - not sure if it's a self seed or a fresh seed I planed this year - like most flowers in our garden it's about 2-4 weeks behind last year. I rather like this poppy as it's bright and cheerful but not as scruffy looking as the red poppy or opium poppy which do look pretty from a distance when there is a field of them.

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