Boscombe Arcade

We went to Bournemouth today for The Southern Cooperative AGM & Members Convention. After the meeting we took the bus up to Boscombe to have a look at their market. We got some very nice/cheap cherries and some lunch material and went down to the pier for lunch.

After lunch we came back to the market, where I took this picture of the facade to a covered arcade while my better half got some more cherries. While taking this picture some strange woman rushed up to me a informed me "that's not a camera - and that that is" while gesticulating in some random direction...

We then hopped on another bus and went to Westbourne to walk down Alum Chine. I took some more pictures there but they we rubbish as the light was challenging to work with... We returned to the centre of Westbourne and took the bus back to Bournemouth. In town we looked in a few shops but didn't find anything exciting to buy. Finally we took the bus back to the station to catch our train home.

All things considered a jolly good day out and I even managed to not get sun burn - which is normally happens when I go outside in the spring/summer. On arriving home my better half made a lovely clafouti with the cherries...

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