Standing out

Today we went to Whitchurch Silk Mill, it's in the next town over. I say town but they are only a few hundred people more than us and very proud that they are a town and we are a village. No matter they places are similar in many was with a common history, strengths and problems.

The Mill had a "Vintage Fair" and a special £1 entry fee, which is a bargain when compared with the normal £4 entry fee. We had a look at the vintage fair which was mostly a small second hand market of collectible oddments.

We then did the mill tour, which is short enough to not be tiring or tedious but has plenty of detail and things to keep your mind occupied. I took my SLR and managed to get a few decent photos, but it's a bit annoying the way people breeze in and out of the various rooms, talk claptrap - even when the text on display is very clear and unambiguous - and generally get in the way. I suppose it's the iPad generation...

Anyhow today's blip is a shot down the spinning room showing a line of bobbins with silk thread wound on to them. They are mostly arranged by hue and in a pretty straight line on top of the spinning frame, but the metallic mauve in shot seems to be out of sequence and just proud, and combined with a bit of careful cropping has come out very pleasing.

If you are in north Hampshire and you have some time to spare, I'd recommend paying the Whitchurch Mill a visit. If you like gin, Bombay Sapphire will soon be open to the public along the road at Laverstoke, and you should also visit Overton we have some nice shops and some good walks. Not that I'm biased or anything...

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