A day in the life

By Shelling


I experienced an enchanting performance this evening on the mainland. In the deep, dark forest, far from city lights lies a peculiar rock formation called "Kanaberg", named after a young woman named Karna, who was abducted by the trolls so long ago that nobody remembers even in which century it was supposed to have happened.

Twenty years ago a young man heard the stories about the woman being bewitched and brought into the mountain by the trolls, where she lived many, many years but only persieved it as one single night. When she got out of the mountain she was met by her younger sister, now an old woman, who had been looking for her lost sister ever since she disappeared. Karna was still the same age as she was when she was abducted. 

The young man has finally managed to write a script and made enough creative people interested in staging the story at the actual mountain, with lighting, actors, music, fire-jugglers and the amazing rocks as a stage. We, the hundred person strong audience arrived by bus along winding, narrow forest roads to the site, the sun was going down and the forest path was already dark, only lit by children from the crew with dim lamps to lead us to the place. Very effectful, let the play begin.

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