A day in the life

By Shelling


I like doodling around, fixing small or bigger things during the day, things that catches my attention or things that has waited to be attended to. Among the little things today was fixing the locking mechanisms on one of my veranda doors. It's a double door, the left one has a mechanism that makes it possible to lock and unlock the two doors, when the windows needs cleaning. Two of the locks were broken when I moved here in March last year, they were actually the first things I removed to order new ones. When the new locks arrived I had other things on the to do list and they have been lying in a window sill until today when they caught my eye. Finally the doors are tight and rattle-free.
Lots of other small things has been organised, rehearsed and fixed but these two locks felt the most important. What once felt important, is often easily overshadowed by reality. That chapter is now closed.

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