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By Damnonii

Naughty but nice...

The Great Cupboard Cull continued today!  Even more impressive than yesterday!

Today we tackled the linen cupboard and the wardrobe and chest of drawers in the smaller guest bedroom.  

From the linen cupboard we cleared a mountain of towels that are in good condition but no longer get used as they don't match the current colour schemes (going to a good home :-) a mountain of towels that were past their best but were kept for de-frosting freezers, drying wheelchair wheels and any emergencies due to water ( kept four for those purposes) they're going to a friend for her dogs.  Piles of bedlinen for double beds (some still in their packaging!)  We don't have any double beds now, all king or super king size, but happy the linen has also gone to a good home.  Table cloths for tables we no longer have, cushions galore (they will be vacuum packed :-) Sofa throws for Christmas time (keeping those of course :-) and Lola's advent calendar that's been missing for at least three years!

So happy that everything is now stored on the shelves again and the floor is completely clear, meaning you can walk in and easily get what you went in for.  There's even shelf space to spare in there too!  

Finally (for today) I tackled the wardrobe and chest of drawers in the wee bedroom.  90% of what was in the wardrobe is either destined for the Charity shop or the clothes bank, so it's looking nice and empty.  In fact all that's hanging in the wardrobe now are my two fleecy dressing gowns (take up too much space in my wardrobe :-) and my wedding dress (need to decide what I am doing with that but that's for another day.)  Also all the drawers in the chest of drawers, except one, are now clear too.  This means when our Skye friends come to stay there will be space for them to hang their clothes and drawer space for them.

Of course this exercise has resulted in my finding a load of clothes that were too small but which now fit.  Woo hoo! Good news on one hand, but bad news for my wardrobe space.  So that will also be cleared out, but not until the downstairs hall cupboard and the last but by no means least, room that triggered all this, my wee studio, gets its clear out. 

Busy weekend ahead so won't get back to the clearing out till Monday.  

And now I must go and make caramel for the Millionaire's shortbread I promised to make for Esme's birthday party tomorrow.  Got so caught up in the clearing out I forgot so only made the shortbread base after dinner.  Been waiting for it to cool!  Put the caramel ingredients in the pot earlier though (and go my blip! :-) so should be done and dusted in 15 mins.  The Chocolate can go on top tomorrow morning.

I'm always at the coo's tail! 

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