By MsQuizzical

Ivy Visitors 18

Top of the ivy league today, the central image, is a common spotted field Syrph, Eupeodes luniger. It has been visiting the ivy for a while but it's quite skittish and this is the first decent shot I've managed. I love its crescent-shaped markings. I got a long hoverfly too. It seems that the hoverflies and drone flies favour afternoons and bees and wasps mornings. A different drone fly features, the tapered drone fly Eristalis pertinax. The small plain-faced drone fly, Eristalis arbustorum, is  confusing as these little drones are extremely variable.

We had a big storm last night and when I went out this morning the ivy was very wet. An absolutely drenched bee crept out of the foliage. It's the carder which I shot the other day. It has no ginger fluff so I don't think it is a common. Could be a shrill but I doubt it as they are rare. It's top left and I've added an image next to it showing it when it had dried out and is cleaning its proboscis.

Nice to see a fresh green shieldbug, these will soon turn bronze for the winter. A long-legged fly and the pretty patches of blue scales on a red admiral's wings are also included. 

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