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The Rock

Day 3 - Canada

We were up nice and early this morning to catch the early ferry to Vancouver Island, where my cousin Lisa lives.  Cathy’s husband drove us to the terminal in rush hour traffic and it was interesting, he likes to put his foot down.  Lol!

I took my first ever boat trip today as we travelled across on the ferry to Vancouver Island and thankfully the weather was nice and calm, so I was able to find my sea legs.  Lol!  I can now say I’ve sailed the Pacific Ocean as well.  Lol!

Travelling across to the Island was fantastic, there were so many small boats out and about and many little coves where there were just a couple of houses.  It’s a totally different way of life to the mainland and the big city of Vancouver.  I took plenty of photographs.

Oh yeah, I had to weigh my luggage and despite the new shirts, I was still well under my baggage allowance.

In the afternoon we headed to the capital of BC, Victoria and it was so beautiful.  The harbour area is wonderful and again I was able to take plenty of photographs.  We had a nice wander around and I’ve now got two new t-shirts, funny ones, and another couple of fridge magnets.  We had a wander into one of Canada’s oldest chocolate stores (see extra) and it was very oldy worldy, just a shame I can’t eat chocolate anymore.  But at least my mum has got some nice chocolates to taste when I get home.

We then had to pick Lisa’s dog, Gus, up from the kennels where he’d been staying.  He was a bit whiffy, so it took a lot of hard work from Lisa’s daughter, Clare, to get him scrubbed up and smelling fresh.  Lol!

Lisa’s eldest sister and brother came across then for the evening, I’ve never met my cousins Heather and Dave before, so it was another first.  
We had a great family dinner then of halibut, potatoes and sweetcorn with garlic bread.  Very yummy!  The conversation was so easy, it feels great to be experiencing Canada with my relatives.

Today I am thankful for:

1. The hospitality of my cousin Cathy for putting me up for a few nights and driving me around Vancouver to see the sights
2. A calm boat trip across to Vancouver Island
3. Meeting my cousins Heather and Dave for the first time
4. A delicious tea of halibut, potatoes and sweet corn
5. A delicious milkshake from the Beacon Drive In

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