Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

3188. Another amazing gift from Canada!

Another busy morning, called in at the dentist to see if my retainers are ready, (they’re not!) then into town to meet my friend and my youngest for coffee (and second breakfast!).  My youngest is getting all excited about his graduation next week but found that his kilt is too small for him.  I’m not surprised as he’s had it for years so we popped out to buy him some new trousers and a new white shirt as he has a black suit jacket already.  Fortunately we found some trousers that match his jacket perfectly so he’s all set, he has a tie and some smart shoes so he’s good to go!

When we got home after lunch a parcel was waiting for me at the door, all the way from Paula in Canada (ex-Blipper, Subjunctive) and oh my, what a surprise!  There were cards with paintings from her recent art exhibition “For the Love of Dogs” at Bracebridge featuring her gorgeous girls! There was also a book called, “Landlines” by Raynor Winn which features parts of the North West Highlands and I have to admit that I’d never heard of it but it sounds like a truly inspirational book.  But the most beautiful part of this gift is the Turquoise jacket which has humming birds on it…it’s perfect and I absolutely love it!  I have changed my outfit for my son’s graduation about 10 times over the past few days and I really wanted to wear a turquoise silk t-shirt style dress but felt that it was just missing a beautiful cardigan to wear with it, and I’d given up hope of getting one to wear with it.  The jacket made by First Nations in Canada is absolutely stunning with it so that’s my final decision made!  Thank you so much Paula for your incredible gifts…what a woman you are!

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