I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

... Monarch Butterfly.

When I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee I noticed this beautiful male monarch butterfly on the Mexican sunflowers in the front yard.  Richard brought my camera upstairs for me so that I could take some pictures.  I thought that would be that ... but then later after my shower we saw this same male on the zinnias in the backyard!  This photo was taken whilst he was in the back.  He spent hours in the backyard going from flower to flower nectaring up for his journey south.  

This is not one that we had raised and released this season.  He might have been just passing through ... or he emerged from the milkweed still in our backyard.  

Speaking of our monarch nursery ... we raised and released 21 monarchs this season.  The last seven were released by our pet/house sitter whilst we were on vacation.  She was thrilled to be able to do this for us while we were away.  I even left my old Nikon for her and asked if she could take some photos of the monarchs before she released them.  And she did an okay job getting some pictures of them.  Most (but not all!) were even in focus!  LOL!

Today was so lovely that we decided to have a picnic supper out as later this week the weather is turning colder.  We got some deli sandwiches and took them to Louise Moore County Park to enjoy ... followed by a lovely walk.  

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