Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Not the norm for me because it's not a living creature - but honestly, it's so chilly and wet outside that I wasn't inclined to spend a second longer than necessary outdoors.  So I lurked under the gazebo on the deck and waited for some action on the deck rail (which happens when the gutter above gets overloaded and dumps.  A fairly fast shutter allowed me to catch some pretty nice splashes - good enough for today.

There is still one hummingbird hanging around - poor thing must be cold.  She's perching in a pine tree near the garden, darting out to hit the nectar feeder every 10 minutes or so.  She won't go anywhere until the current storm system passes so maybe I will have a chance to get her tomorrow.  

Hubs has been gone most of the day so Jax and I have spent a lot of the day curled up on the sofa.  He hates the rain and is quite content to stay indoors until absolutely necessary.  Thankfully he's a young dog with a strong bladder!

Plain dark today.  


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