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By lisa24270

New (To Me)

Today's tiny treasure from the charity week I'll go in, do my shift, and come home again...unlikely!!

Not long had I got home when I got a call I'd been waiting for about my ADHD's been a year since I was referred by my GP and in that time I'd convinced myself off and on that I didn't have it...I was just useless/lazy/untidy/hopeless/childish/neurotic etc etc etc... writing everything down again that I struggle with (and have as far back as I can remember) I realised I actually don't have much control over those things, I have always done my best, and that also at times, this thing (whether it turns out to ADHD, ASD, or something else equally endearing) can be a wonderful thing. I can think outside the box and solve problems creatively...I just do things differently a lot of the time!

I've filled in a lot more forms and answered a lot more questions and now I wait for my full assessment.

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