I Witness

By KangaZu

Tiny Tuesday ...

... tiny red berries.

This is what I was after last week!  Thankfully this gray catbird took pity on me this week and 'allowed' me to take his/her picture whilst having a tiny snack!  And the tree still had some berries left.  Thank you to JDO (Jill) for hosting Tiny Tuesday all this month. 

I'm glad I was able to capture this shot ... not only for TT ... but because the catbirds are summer birds for us here in the Northeast.  And just like my critters from yesterday (the hummingbird specifically) they will be leaving us soon to migrate south.  And I will miss them terribly as I do love them so.  Please view full screen.

Today was another gray, drizzly day ... we haven't seen much of the sun since the start of Autumn on Saturday.  I'm hoping for some improvement soon ...

Note added 6:30 pm ~ I just learned that my brother in law ( sister's husband) has to have bypass surgery  ... scheduled for tomorrow morning.  If you could please keep him (Joe) in your thoughts it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  ❤️ 

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