I Witness

By KangaZu

Mono Monday: Week 505 ...

... Joy.  Or is it Together.

There is some confusion as to what the MM theme is for today.  I've seen both "joy" and "together" prompts ... both by our lovely host Kersko.  Thank you for hosting all this month by the way.

I've chosen to go with "joy" as the chipmunks (and all the other wildlife) bring such joy to my day.  At least for the time being.  But soon these adorable ones will be heading into their winter hibernation burrows.  So I have to strike while the iron is hot ... so to speak.  I've added another photo in Extras of a very young chipmunk that we've been seeing lately.  But I've left that one in full color.  Isn't he/she adorable!?!

And I've also added to the Extras a photo of a Ruby-throated hummingbird taken this morning.  They, too, will be gone soon ... headed to their Southern (warm) Winter playground.  I will miss both the chipmunks and the hummers during our long cold Winter.  But it's always something to look forward to in the Spring/Summer months.   

Not much else to report today ... other than it's raining again.  

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